Pictures for Saturday May 20,  2017 Estate Auction.  Just a few of the items up for auction.

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ba41 600x449

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Main office Address
Thad Woods Inc
25 Muse Business Park, Suite 2   Waynesville, NC   828-456-3298

 Thad Woods Auction  2017


We accept all major credit cards.

13% Buyers Premium on all Merchandise
3% Discount for check or cash

10+ Acres of beautiful mountain land for sale with paved road-2 house pads
Call for more details.

We buy entire households
Give us a call
NCAL 988


1-Auct-Pan 600x135
YHPQ3954 375x501
Cover Book 389x500

We are proud to announce that Lee’s book
“Growing up on Hazel Creek”
is finally published and here
For a copy call her.  Cost is $40.00.  You will truly enjoy your look at the Hazel Creek Area.

“Rent a Space with us”
For all types of merchandise from Antiques to New
See page “PEDDLERS”