Some of the items for Saturday night, August 17, 2019. 

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1-Auct-Pan 600x135

 Thad Woods Auction 


We accept all major credit cards.

13% Buyers Premium on all Merchandise
3% Discount for check or cash

10+ Acres of beautiful mountain land for sale with paved road-2 house pads
See LAND page and
Call for more details.


We buy entire households
Give us a call
NCAL 988


Main office Address
Thad Woods Inc
25 Muse Business Park, Suite 2   Waynesville, NC   828-456-3298

Looking to build a new house or log home?  Wanting to buy a stick built Modular Home?  Need Road grading done? How about a porch or deck? Give Heath Woods a call at 400-0899